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Connectors for Battery Chargers
Radiall Vansystem Battery Chargers
Connectors for Battery Chargers

CVB 24-10 Radiall VanSystem series is used for the connection of on-board battery charger series.

The charger converts single and three phase AC voltage to DC voltage, with high
efficiency and reliability. The connector is sealed and it is usable for any EV terrestrial and marine application. 24-10 arrangement has 7 poles, 46A, 500Vac/700Vdc.

The connectors has a bayonet coupling nut and it is provided with grounding finger
to guarantee shielding. A shielded cable can be used with connector type 96 with F16 conductive finishes. The Backshell can be supplied with an internal Metric thread suitable for cable gland or conduit adapters, with cable clamp type C and with integrated gland PHM type.

Robust Connection
• Fully protected connectors: no risk to damage the contacts thanks the robust shell
• Supplied with grounding finger, conductive plating and the proper rear accessory
• Polarisation keyway to prevent misaligned coupling
Easy installation
• Fast and reliable coupling
• Backshell and accessories for fastening cable/conduit fixation
Suitable for harsh environments (adapted for outdoor use)
• Waterproof connection
• Dust proof
• Corrosion resistant
High level of performance
• Working temperature -55°C ÷ 200°C (according to the inserts material)
• EMI protection with grounding finger
• Power connection up to 350A