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Rail Industry

We offer a wide range of products used commonly throughout the Rail Industry.

Railway Products

Our products include the Van System RF CVBS circular reversed bayonet multipin range for power and signal connections. Designed specifically for use under heavy vibration and based around the VG95234 and Mil-DLT-5015 range, these connectors are flame retardant and comply with the French NF-F-16-101/102 rail specification.

By incorporating these connectors, we also provide a full electromechanical wiring service which are tailored specifically around traction standards.

We can also offer the GM Modular Connector for Ethernet Jumper Connections between vehicles available with 4 and 7 cavity options. Based on the standard GM Series but with additional features incorporating environmental and safe secondary locking. Supplied fully wired and tested in kits including Jumper Harness, Receptacle assembly and Ethernet Backbone with M12 Connectors at breakout positions.

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Circular Reversed Bayonet Connectors for diverse applications including rail, military and industrial use.



Reverse bayonet connectors with rigid inserts for railway and industrial applications.

Ethernet Jumper Assemblies

Ethernet Jumper Assemblies

Pre-assembled Ethernet Jumper Connections between vehicles are available.

GM Modular Connectors

Each module can be considered as a single independent connector inside the GM connector and can be separately assembled.

Cineline Connector

M12 Connectors

The industrially approved M12 connectors are becoming more and more widely used on systems for the railway industry.


EVBS Connectors

The EVBS connectors are a reliable harsh environment solution for data transmission through LAN 5E or CAT 6.

Custom Connectors

Custom Connectors

Proprietary Designed Products can be made to fit specific customer requirements offered by Ten 47.

Cable Assembly

Cable Harnessing and Assemblies

Ten 47 can supply custom made cable assemblies and electrical sub-assemblies. 



Derived from MS5015/VG95234 specifications and our RFCVBS connectors offers extreme versatility.

CP Powerbox

CP Power Box

CP Power Box has been developed for motor connection in railway application.

CP Power Connectors

CP Power Connectors

CP Power Connectors has been developed for motor connection in railway application up to 1000 amp.

Powerline Standard Cable Connector Set

Powerline Single Pole

Single Pole Power Connectors for power distribution applications up to 750 amps.

Multipin Connector Crimp Tool

Multipin Connector Crimp Tool

Crimp tool for Ten 47 multipin connectors.

Red Line 5 Channel Cable Ramp


The ever growing CableGuard range stretches from a low profile single channel to a modular system.