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Temporary Power

We offer a range of products designed to provide safe, reliable and quick connections for temporary power use.

Temporary Power Products

Our Powerline (Powerlock compatible) single pole connector is complimented by a variety of devices designed for live line connection to the electricity network up to 1000V A.C and 1500V D.C. As with the other markets we operate in, we have developed unique market and bespoke customer solutions. These can be seen with our 90º fuse holder and mini G-Clamp, for example.

Our lugit device offers the user a method connecting single pole power cables with lug terminations within a sealed, enclosed, re-usable unit which is now in use around the world. Along with our Vanten mini single pole connectors and CableGuards we offer a ‘one stop shop’ for generator rental and electricity providers.

If what you cannot find what you are looking for in our catalogues please contact and we will be happy to look at your application.

Powerline Sequential Box

Powerline S-Box

The S-BOX has been developed to guarantee greater safety in use.

Powerline QC

Powerline QC Connector

Powerlock Compatible Connectors for power distribution applications up to 500 amps.

Powerline Devices

Powerline Devices

Powerlock Compatible Connectors and Electricity Network Connection Devices.

Powerline Standard Cable Connector Set

Powerline Single Pole

Single Pole Power Connectors for power distribution applications up to 750 amps.

Powerline Assemblies

Powerline Cable Extensions

We supply premade cable drain to source or lugged cable extensions to custom lengths and specifications.

Lugit Unit

Lugit Units

Lugit is a safe and efficient means to make temporary connections or extensions to single core power cables with copper lug terminals.



Advanced miniature single pole power connector up to 400 amps, keyed, fingerproof both sides, innovative locking mechanism.

Overmoulded PowerFLEX™ CEE Extensions

PowerFLEX™ – CEE Extensions and Y-Splitters

We supply a range of CEE Extensions and Y-Splitters made with heavy duty Titanex HO7 Flexible cable.

Single Property "Letterbox" Generator Extensions

Single Property “Letterbox” Generator Extensions

We offer a range of made up 16a/32a moulded plug extensions to crimped solid copper ferrules.

Red Line 5 Channel Cable Ramp


The ever growing CableGuard range stretches from a low profile single channel to a modular system where you can effectively have a limitless number of large channels.



Powertrack is an innovative, modular temporary lighting and power system designed to transform construction site temps.