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Powerline Cable Extensions

In addition to our Powerlock compatible Powerline Single Pole connectors, we can supply premade cable drain to source or lugged cable extensions to custom lengths and specifications.

Our extensions are built using premium grade TITANEX® heavy duty flexible rubber HO7 RNF cable from 25mm2 to 300mm2 and can be supplied with colour coded or pre-printed heatshrink for identification.

Assemblies with up to 150mm2 cable supplied with our Powerline QC Connectors and from 185mm2 to 300mm2 cable with our original Powerline Single Pole Connectors.

With bulk stock to build of connectors and cables we provide a fast turnaround service for quick and reliable delivery.

Powerline Assemblies

Drain To Source Extensions

Powerline Assemblies

Also available with Lug Tails

Powerline Assemblies

Supplied with Heavy Duty Cembre Lugs

Powerline Assemblies

Powerline Cable Extensions

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