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GM Modular High Speed Data Connectors
Radiall VanSystem GM Modular Connectors
GM Modular High Speed Data Connectors

Based around the characteristics of the RFCVBS series the Radiall VanSystem  GM Modular Connectors are circular bayonets for railways applications. This series can accept 4 or 7 modules both electrical and optical for signal, power and data transmission up to CAT 7A.

Each module can be considered as a single independent connector inside the GM connector and can be separately assembled when already shielded and completed by its strain relief. Every module can be coded and identified by suitable markings over the insulator.

For a precise and reliable positioning, every module has its guiding system inside the insulator.

Connector features:

  • Rugged design for external applications
  • Positive Coupling action
  • Precise contact alignment
  • Sealed to IP67 per DIN40050
  • Mechanical coding
  • Compact construction
  • Vibration test to IEC61373
  • Fire Protection to NF F16-101/102
  • 360º EMC protection for each Module

Module’s characteristics:

  • High grade efficiency shielding for each module’s EMI/RFI protection
  • Easy to assemble and remove modules
  • Each module has a pneumatic seal in its housing (the connector is suitable for pressurised cabins)

Available modules:

  • For coax cable of any type up to RG217
  • For Twinax/Quintax cable
  • For Ethernet Data transmission tested up to 1 gigabit for LAN cable CAT5-6-7
  • For 2/4 optical fibres with expanded beam system
  • For 1 optical fibre with automatic protection cap
  • With max. 14 contacts up to 7.5A
  • With max. 7 contacts up to 13A
  • With max. 3 contacts up to 23A
  • With 1 single contact up to 200A

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