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Panel Mounted Units

Panel Mounted Units

Ten 47 can supply pre-mounted Powerline Sockets or Inlets in standard 19” format. The units and connectors provide finger protection to IP2X when unmated.

Each connector offers distinct mechanical keyways to ensure the correct mating of Lines/Phase; i.e., the Earth Cable will only mate with the Earth Panel, Neutral to Neutral, Line 1 to Line 1, Line 2 to Line 2 and Line 3 to Line 3.

Incorporating our standard Powerline Panel connectors with M12 Stud or female thread terminations, these units are designed for use and operation by “electrically trained and competent” personnel.

Panel Cut Out Dimensions:
Height = 80mm Width = 483mm

Part Numbers
Type Part Number
5 x PSF–*5 PSP4/1
5 x PIF–*5 PIP4/1
5 x PSF–*7 PSP7/1
5 x PIF–*7 PIP7/1
* Add M for threaded post and F for female thread