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Powerline Devices
Powerline Devices

To complement our Powerline connectors, we offer several accessories and devices to allow hook-up of mobile generators directly into the electricity network through connection points such as LV Busbars, Cabinets or Overhead power.

Our range includes Short, Long, Jumbo and 90º G-Clamps, Rotary Clamps, Overhead Line Clamps and JSU/JPU Fuse Carriers with a built in Powerline (Powerlock compatible) Generator connector.

Where appropriate, the devices have been independently tested and approved in accordance with: “Testing of Insulated Tools and Assemblies for Live Working and use up to 1000V A.C. and 1500V. D.C. to IEC 60900”

Also available are Replacement Kits for damaged insulators that require dowel pins without changing the electrical contact.

We are currently manufacturing other Powerline devices and we welcome the opportunity to discuss any individual requirements you may have.

Find out more about the evolution of our Powerline series here.

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