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Powerline Screw on Connectors

Powerline Screw On Connectors

Where a customer requires a connection onto an existing threaded post, we can supply our 400 Amp Powerline connectors with various threads to suit many applications.

By using these designs, a mechanical key positions to prevent connection errors are maintained, the unmated connector provides IP2X Finger Proof protection and sealed to IP68 when mated to our standard Cable Plugs.

Part Numbers
Item Female Thread Part Number
Earth Connector M12 PSF–E–GN–T4–NF–M12FT
Neutral Connector M12 PSF–N–BU–T4–NF–M12FT
Line 1 Connector M12 PSF–1–BR–T4–NF–M12FT
Line 2 Connector M12 PSF–2–BK–T4–NF–M12FT
Line 3 Connector M12 PSF–3–GY–T4–NF–M12FT
Earth Connector M8 PSF–E–GN–T4–NF–M8FT
Neutral Connector M8 PSF–N–BU–T4–NF–M8FT
Line 1 Connector M8 PSF–1–BR–T4–NF–M8FT
Line 2 Connector M8 PSF–2–BK–T4–NF–M8FT
Line 3 Connector M8 PSF–3–GY–T4–NF–M8FT