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Insulated Rotary Clamp

Insulated Rotary Clamps

Insulated clamp, tool and 750 Amp Powerline Generator connector for connection to slotted LV busbars.

Available with Earth, Neutral, Line 1, Line 2 or Line 3 Powerline connectors

Part Numbers
Item Part Number
Short Arm Earth RC750–E–GN
Short Arm Neutral RC750–N–BU
Short Arm Line 1 RC750–1–BR
Short Arm Line 2 RC750–2–BK
Short Arm Line 3 RC750–3–GY
Insulated T-Bar GCH750
Rotary Clamp Wheel to Cable-Assembly

Rotary Clamp Wheel to Cable Assembly

Where space may be limited, rather than using the complete Insulated Rotary Clamp device, this option may be more suitable.

The most common assemblies consists of an Insulated Rotary Wheel with a copper lug terminal permanently attached and 1metre of either 120mm² or 240mm² highly flexible single core HO7RN-F cable with a POWERLINE Cable Connector (Line Source) attached. An insulated handle grip on the cable facilitates the connection / disconnection from busbars.

The copper lug terminal and cable size / length can be supplied to individual requirements.

Available with Earth, Neutral, Line 1, Line 2 or Line 3 connectors.

Part Numbers - 1 metre x 120mm2 / 400Amp Cable
Item Part Number
Earth Green Connector RCS400-1-E-GN
Neutral Blue Connector RCS400-1-N-BU
Line 1 Brown Connector RCS400-1-1-BR
Line 2 Black Connector RCS400-1-2-BK
Line 3 Grey Connector RCS400-1-3-GY
Part Numbers - 1 metre x 240mm2 / 600Amp Cable
Item Part Number
Earth Green Connector RCS600-1-E-GN
Neutral Blue Connector RCS600-1-N-BU
Line 1 Brown Connector RCS600-1-1-BR
Line 2 Black Connector RCS600-1-2-BK
Line 3 Grey Connector RCS600-1-3-GY