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Powerline QC Cable Connector

Powerlock Compatible Cable Connector (Line Source)

Cable Sockets are typically used as the Live or Supply side of the circuit and utilise a Solid Insulated contact tip to provide IP2X Finger Protection when unmated. “CS” Connectors incorporate a slot that engages with the Locking Pin on both the mating Panel Inlet and Cable Plug connectors.


  • When disconnected all connectors are IP2X Protected.
  • In Line Connectors are supplied as standard with Metric Cable Glands.
  • Connectors seal to IP68 when mated.
  • Once mated, the connectors are separated by using a remote unlocking key.
  • All connectors are mechanically keyed and individually colour coded to help prevent any possible cross connection errors.
Powerline Assemblies

Powerline QC Neutral Cable Connector | CS-N-BLU-S120-M

Cable Connector Part Number Configuration