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M12 Connectors

The industrially approved M12 connectors are becoming more and more widely used on systems for the railway industry. The standard method for contact termination for M12 connectors has been soldering, insulation displacement or screw terminals.

GM Modular High Speed Data Connectors

Based around the characteristics of our RFCVBS series our GM Modular Connectors are circular bayonets for railways applications. This series can accept 4 or 7 modules both electrical and optical for signal, power and data transmission up to CAT 7A.

Ethernet Jumper Assemblies

By utilising our GM modular connector which allows a mixture of data, signal and power connections within 4 and 7 cavity housings, we provide complete interconnection solutions for on board train Wi-Fi systems.

EVBS Connectors

Based on our RFCVBS Reversed bayonet connectors the EVBS connector is a reliable harsh environment solution for data transmission through LAN 5E, CAT 6 and CAT 7A cable systems in traction applications.