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Powerline S-Box
Powerline Sequential Box
Powerline S-Box

Powerline Single Pole Connectors have become widely adopted in a diverse range of applications and industries. The S-BOX has been developed to guarantee greater safety in use.

Powerline Connectors (and all compatible variants) can only be inserted in sequence, on mating the final connector a non standard key locks the connectors in place.

The main features are:

  • Polarisation system to prevent connection errors
  • Up to 750 A, 1000 V
  • From 35mm2 to 300mm2 wire section
  • IP67 when mated (according to EN 60529)
  • Finger Protected IP2X: male and female contacts
  • Multi-louver contact system

Applications include:

  • Power distribution
  • Utilities
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Railway Equipment
  • Mobile Generators
  • Loadbanks
  • Back-up Power Systems

Find out more about the evolution of our Powerline series here.

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